At Preserve Dentistry, we use best practices, proven equipment and techniques honed from many years of experience to make sure you have a thorough examination. We recommend that patients have semi-annual check ups to detect any early dental problems. We also check the health of your gum tissue and evaluate for signs of gum problems known as periodontal disease. We complete a visual oral cancer screening and check your jaw, muscles and surrounding soft tissue for any potential problems. If a procedure is needed, we explain your options and recommend a treatment plan that works for you. Below are a few of the steps we take during a routine exam at Preserve Dentistry:

Digital X-rays
At Preserve Dentistry we offer the speed and convenience of digital x-rays.

Dental Prophylaxis (cleanings)
Dental cleaning involves the removal of plaque deposits or tartar. If allowed to accumulate, bacteria can thrive next to the gums leaving the teeth susceptible to decay and gum disease. Hard deposits on teeth can only be removed by a hygienist or dentist. We all form these deposits on our teeth, some more than others. This highlights the importance of seeing us at Preserve Dentistry for regular visits.

Bitewing X-rays
Dental radiographs, also known as x-rays, are an important tool for the dentist to check for tooth decay in and between the teeth. Bitewing x-rays also provide opportunity for early detection of decayed teeth. They can also show bone loss around teeth when gum disease is present. These x-rays allow the dentist to make a proper diagnosis of health or disease and what treatment, if any, is needed.

Panoramic X-ray
We recommend this type of x-ray be taken every 3-5 years to evaluate foraction-shot-3 problems such as: impacted teeth, bone abnormalities, cysts, tumors, infections and fractures. If a problem arises, we will discuss them in detail and make a plan for treatment.